On Switching Majors

Before anything else, let’s get one thing straight—college isn’t easy. Sure, some people may describe their college years as one of the best periods in their lives, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a walk in the park either. If anything, the hardship and the long hours these people may have gone through played a part in making those moments memorable.

With that in mind, if you’re having a tough time in college right now, hang in there—you’re doing a great job just by doing the best you can. I cannot emphasize this enough, to be easy on yourself and refrain from pity-partying. To be honest, it was only recently that I realized one of the biggest difficulties any college student can experience is to find his or her place during these precarious years. And I’m not just talking about making friends and nurturing a social life (that’s a different topic altogether) but also finding out whether you’re taking up the right major and trekking the right course.

If you have a gut feeling you’re studying the wrong major, do yourself a favor and reflect on the possible reasons why. I have too many friends who second-guessed what their gut was telling them, and now they entertain some feelings of regret for not studying what they truly wanted. On the other hand, if listening to gut feelings seems like a silly and irrational concept to you, you can always evaluate how you’re doing in your studies, to see whether the problem lies somewhere else. For example, if you’re a math major and find yourself really struggling to keep up with your peers in class, maybe this major isn’t for you. Maybe you should consider another major that’s math-related, like accounting, finance, or business.

College is difficult enough as it is; you owe it yourself to be honest and find ways to make your stay easier.