College Hacks: On Saving Money

Now that I’m set to graduate in a few months, I realize that one of the things I’ll miss the most about college is the free food during events like freshers week. Yes, you read that right, free food! Pizza, fried chicken, BBQ—but the thing is, not a lot of people knew about these. I don’t really blame them though. For us students, we normally don’t think what’s in it for us to attend these events. It’s just a personal observation of mine that college events tend to have a ton of freebies and samples.

Guys, if you’re reading this and you’re looking for ways to save money besides starving yourselves, you should definitely go to these free food events. You know why? Yes, they’re free, but besides that is the fact you’ve technically paid for those! These events are part of “Student Activities” and not getting your fair share is just throwing away money.

Another hack I have for saving money is don’t buy your books until after your professor confirms you’ll be using that resource material in class. I can’t count the number of times I had bought my books before class started only to find out that we wouldn’t be using them. We’re talking about a couple of hundred dollars in total going to waste here. This is definitely some wise college advice that should be passed on as early as freshman year.

To add to this hack, I also suggest you check out whether there are cheaper alternatives to your learning materials such as an eBook. I did this a couple of times in my classes. Instead of buying the print book, I would just print out the chapters at a time so I could take additional notes on my paper copies in class. The neat thing about this is I didn’t have to feel bad about writing on my books. Rarely do professors use the entire book anyway so printing only the chapters needed would save you some cash.