Read more of Steven Rindner’s college hacks on this page. While he considers himself a good and industrious student, often staying up late into the early morning to get his homework done, he thinks his academic years were much easier to bear, thanks to some of these hacks.

Try these college living tips next time and let him know how they were of help to you!

#1. Keep your textbook open with a pen.

Never forget where you left off again! Though you can technically use any flat object as a bookmark, you’re more likely to have a pen around for scribbling and taking down notes. Alternatively, did you know you can also use your pen as a chip clip? See, even pens can be college staples during break times.

#2. Organize your writing materials with a toilet paper roll or an old coke can.

Instead of throwing that useless toilet paper roll or old cola can, give it a new lease in life and leave it on your studying desk for holding all your pens. Studies have shown that having an organized environment can boost one’s productivity.

#3. Use a hanger as a paper towel holder.

Throwing a pizza party? Be a thoughtful host and stock up on paper towels! But don’t stop there; use a hanger as a paper towel holder! This will make it easier for your guests.

#4. Use a pizza box as a dust pan.

Once the pizza party is over, it’s time to clean up! Be resourceful and use the empty pizza box as a dust pan.

#5. Cool down your laptop with an egg carton.

One of Steven Rindner’s friends taught him this cool trick; using an egg carton to cool a laptop. Chances are you have that laptop on 24/7 for research, playing games, and watching movies, so give it some ample rest from time to time and put in on top of an egg carton so air can circulate under the device.

#6. Pringles cans as pasta holders.

Next on the list of quick, cheap college meals is pasta! An empty Pringles can is the perfect pasta holder so do yourself and your mother proud by storing them properly. No one likes broken spaghetti noodles.

#7. Organize your bathroom with an old CD tower.

Practically, you can use an old CD tower for anything that needs organizing. For the bathroom however, it just looks more novel when used horizontally.

What are your college hacks? Share them here at Steven Rindner’s site!