Are You Doing Work-Study Programs Right?

Work-Study Jobs: What Kind of Job Should You Get

Here’s a common dilemma encountered by many in work-study programs: should you get an easy work-study job or should you get one that’s, well, not so easy?

Based on my friends’ experiences, I can only surmise that both have its pros and cons. For the former, I guess the biggest advantage is that you can get some studying done while you’re technically at work. Sure, you can slack off in these gigs but I think you’re only truly on the losing end of such a deal if you don’t make use of your time wisely i.e. study and shoot for perfect GPAs.

On the other hand, the latter also has its benefits as well, but these seem to be more of an investment for the time you graduate. Let me explain. One example of a not so easy work-study job is a research assistant. Definitely, you won’t be able to slack off in such a role as you’ll be working side by side your professors, usually.

Compared to other work-study jobs, you may even be underpaid for all the time and effort you put in. However, when you graduate and are looking for employment, your work-study job as a research assistant could be one of the best work references you can put in your resume.

In the end, I guess it boils down to this: how do you want to spend your time? If you can get a perfect 4.0 across the board and will not have a hard time looking for a job because of your stellar grades, then by all means maybe an easy work-study job is better for you. Meanwhile, if you need that little extra in your resume to cover up average grades, maybe you’ll be better off with such work-study jobs that can help you professionally later on when you start your career.

Best of luck to you!



In College, Your Professors Are Your Friends

Get On Your College Lecturer’s Good Side

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in for another blog update. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of getting on the good side of your college lecturers, not just to get better grades or to have an easier time in class, but for the opportunities your professors can open for you when you graduate.

You’d be surprised how many of my peers view our professors as if they were just another road block to their having a great time in college. Trust me; your professors are not road blocks. They are practically the last people on earth who’d wish to see you flunk your exams, no matter if you’re the rudest, most inattentive student they’ve ever had. Think about it, your education and learning is their responsibility so why would they want to give you a hard time if only to see you fail? Your misery is not going to be fulfilling for them.

If I had to give you one piece of advice on how to get to their good side, it would be to take advantage of professor office hours. If your professor offered to help fix your papers, polish your writing skills, or consult him or her about lectures discussed in class, do yourself a favor and take them up on their offer. I cannot emphasize this enough. Take them up on their offer and grab this chance to get to know them outside of the classroom.

That half hour you spend with your professor will clue you in on which lessons to focus on or how to answer his or her essays. You can get hints on what will come out in the exams and, maybe more importantly, you can stand out from your peers just by showing you actually care. This can make a huge difference in class participation, which can bump up your final standing or save your grade if you bombed a major exam.



Life Hacks for College

bacon pancakes

College Advice

Okay, so i don’t know how much advice bacon pancakes will give to all the college students out there but I feel like that is a life hack for every stage of life. College kids save some money and time on breakfast and for parents with kids…I mean come on, tell me bacon pancakes does not awake the little kid in you? I am sure your little ones will appreciate this amazing invention.

The first piece of advice I am going to give you because of plenty of personal anguish with this. Keep tabs on your money every day. By that I simply mean log in to your account every day and see where your finances stand. Keep in mind that a lot of the apps and online banking does not update your account to that second. A good rule of thumb which really helped me out is let’s say you have 100 dollars in your account according to your banking app. You may have 100 dollars that day but all the recent charges may not be current, which means if you spend 95 dollars that day you may be hit with huge over charges. To be safe only spend half of what you actually have so if you have 100 only spend 50 that day. This is not full proof but it should save you some heart break.

The next piece of advice comes for fiances too and just like the last one this may be obvious. As soon as you get paid try and pay all you bills that is including gas and food. Buy all your food at once and fill your car up to the top with gas. It is human nature to spend money right when we get it but if you pay your bills first you will be more inclined to stretch your money out and maybe even save some for the next pay check

Stay tuned for more advice!

Steven Rindner College Life

College life can be the best time of a kid’s life, there is something exhilarating being the poorest you will most likely be through out your life but also having the most fun. You are just starting to have the responsibility that you will have later on in life, but frankly you are too young to let those get you down. That way of thinking has its positives and negatives, if there is one thing I wish I could do more is realize that your problems are usually never permanent. Or at the very least be able to realize that if you cannot fix or address the problem right then and there, then what is the point of worrying about it? I don’t know how many times I was so stressed about problems that I ended up not getting any sleep that night, which in turn caused me to make more problems for my self the next day. I would say most of the time (there is exceptions to every rule) the problem either resolved it self or the consequences were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I remember one time, there was actually no consequences at all and the big problem I thought I had ended up being a huge success and helped me in the long run. I was studying for a test that I thought I forgot about and was much bigger then I expected. So when I went in to take the test I ended up over studying and getting better results then I could have imagined, I even got extra credit so I received a 100% + score on the test. My main advice to college kids would be to have more of long term vision, I know a lot of friends who made some pretty dumb mistakes because they were too short sighted. Too my older readers, try to realize that most problems are not as bad as you think.

Steven Rindner’s Blog

Welcome to my blog page!

This is Steven Rindner and I’m going to be sharing some of my college experiences here; from my first day in class, which I almost missed, to settling down in my tiny room in the dorm, to making friends with people I practically have nothing in common with, and maximizing my little budget on food and parties. This is going to be a really memorable and nostalgic narration of the past few years on my part so I hope you guys will stick around.

As a graduating senior, I can’t express how thrilled I am to have reached this far. No more exams, no more readings, no more staying up late, and no more terror professors! At the same time, this also means no more extra allowance from my parents (boo!), no more long vacations, and no more time to spare for frivolous activities. I’ve already started making a shortlist of potential employers I’m interested in so do wait for future updates on that. Hopefully I’ll only have nothing but good news to share.

While this blog is intended for college folks, college graduates and yuppies are also welcome to stay around and reminisce about their experiences. In the end I hope to lead an active blog where there will be meaningful exchanges between readers. Nevertheless, for now I’ll be focusing on sharing my college hacks, tips that will make you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Some of these neat tricks and solutions I devised out of creativity, necessity, and just plain boredom. Some were also generously shared to me by my friends.

Additionally, do expect my blog to be home for my thoughts and insights about other things as well. I’m into board games and mobile apps so I might throw in a few reviews here and there. Lastly, my blog will also serve as my exercise log since I’m currently into the whole health and fitness advocacy.

My blog is open to your comments and suggestions! I’d be more than glad to receive your feedback so I can take steps to improve my site. If you have a specific topic you’d like me to tackle or elaborate on, please feel free to touch base with me. I’ll be posting my official social media accounts and contact information here soon. I’m just finalizing a few things and arranging the surprises I have in store for the site so check back again soon.