Confessions on Making Friends

Hey guys, Steven Rindner here, dropping by for a quick update. If you follow my blog, then you probably already know that I battled with social anxiety for most of my college years. Today I wanted to provide some more details about my experiences so others may find the courage to seek help, and hopefully place more importance towards their mental health.

People who have social anxiety should not be told to just “get over” their condition. In fact, this can do more harm than good, causing the anxiety-riddled person to retreat further into his or her “cave”. It’s not that we don’t want to make friends, the opposite is actually true! We love people and we want to learn about them, their stories and their passions, but it’s just something terrible always gets in the way—fear.

I’m fortunate to not have allowed my social anxiety to cripple me so much to the point where it would affect my class performance. I know some people with social anxiety who experience severe weight loss because they wouldn’t go out of their rooms. However, these are the more extreme cases.

As some of you may know, I made progress with my symptoms and was able to crawl out of my hole, so to speak. This wasn’t without any help; whether it was professional or turning to my loved ones and simply learning more about cognitive behavioral therapy and applying its techniques—I tried them all because I refused to give up and go down with my social anxiety.

Now that I’m close to graduating, I feel I’m better prepared to move into the working world and move forward from my past. I’m sure this new phase in my life will present its own set of challenges, but overcoming social anxiety once was a big feat, in my opinion. I’m sure I can overcome other challenges in the future.