Hey all, my name is Steven Rindner and I’m the webmaster of this site. As you can probably tell from the landing page, I decided to launch this website to help others get through college for whatever reason, be it financial or academic, by sharing my experiences and college hacks with all of you.

Something about me that all of you may not notice from the get-go: I battled social anxiety for most of my life and ironically, it was only during college that I came out of my shell. With that said, I am grateful to be graduating this year and think this is the best time to share all of my humble college wisdom with you all while I’m still technically in the same boat.

For those who may not know, social anxiety can be very crippling. However, I refused to go down, living like the way I did before college, so slowly I took baby steps to help me adjust and make the transition easier. After all, as they say, your college years are some of the best years in your life and I thought if I didn’t do anything about it then, I would have a much harder time functioning “in the real world.” I knew hiding in my dorm out of anxiety and discomfort wouldn’t help me survive college.

This brings me to my next point about why I started this personal project of mine: I hope you’ll learn or pick up a few life lessons from my stories, ones that can’t be picked up in the classroom. I hope my experiences will be of guidance to you, especially in terms of preparing for life after college. It’s never too early to think about the bigger picture. While I can’t promise my little college anecdotes will mean your college years will be a walk in the park, they can probably make your time and journey much easier than mine.

Let me know what you think about my stories! I’d love to hear from you and learn about your time in college. I’m still in the middle of setting up my social media accounts for this blog so kindly visit again for updates regarding my contact details.

Once again, this is Steven Rindner and thanks for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy your stay and dwell long after you have finished reading the life lessons which I have shared here.