Whether it’s playing hooky or sneaking food into the library, everyone has a crazy college story they fondly look back on. However, more often than not, college students share a few common denominators during these formative years like sleepless nights, pizza parties, and quick ramen meals, to name a few.

Additionally, a lot of college students are either broke or living off on a strict budget. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that one can’t get creative and resourceful to solve some of college’s common problems.

So to make your college years easier, here are Steven Rindner’s top college hacks that ought to make you a little more street-smart:

#1: Use pizza boxes as serving plates

Mmm, pizza. You’re likely going to be eating this Italian favorite way too often so it’s time to do something about your lack of origami skills. Did you know you can just tear off the lid of the box and use it as a serving plate? Betcha didn’t think of that!

#2: Color code your notebooks

Your super organized mother would be proud! By color coding the spine of your books and notebooks, not only will you be able to pull out what you need on the go, but this also gives off a positive impression that you actually bother to open your books and do homework. Good on you, kid.

#3: Layer your clothing vertically

As a continuation to item #2, this is a neat organizing trick your mother might appreciate. Instead of stacking your shirts, you can just layer them vertically side by side in your drawer so you can easily see everything. Now you don’t have to make a mess just looking for your favorite tattered shirt.

#4: Change your wallpaper or lock screen to your class schedule

Never miss class ever again or worse, get embarrassed in front of your college crush for being late! On top of the many functional tools and applications your smartphone has, you can set your wallpaper or lock screen to your schedule until you know it like the back of your hand.

#5: Coffee pots are not merely for coffee

Like their cousin, the mighty toaster oven (on which you can make dozens of easy recipes, by the way), coffee pots are not merely for making coffee. Other things you can do with it are cooking pasta and ramen, warm cheese dip for chips, and even melt chocolate for fondue! Your culinary imagination is the limit.

Got any college hacks you’d like to share? Steven Rindner would be glad to hear from you!